Erweiterte KI Modelle verteilen und betreiben (inkl. Python)

Datum: 23.-25.10.2023
Ort: Leoben oder online
Kosten: € 2.250,00 exkl. MwSt.
Trainer: Jürgen Lipp
In diesem Training lernen sie, wie sie verschiedene Machine Learning-Aufgaben in verschiedenen Umgebungen ausführen. Wir werden gemeinsam eine Reihe von realen Szenarien erkunden, in denen maschinelles Lernen genutzt werden kann.​

In this training, they will learn the practical application of a variety of machine learning algorithms, which they already know from the “Certified Citizen Data Scientist”, using Python and related technologies such as Anaconda and Jupyter Notebooks. They will also learn how to use Python libraries such as Pandas to prepare the data and how to practically apply a number of regression techniques, classification algorithms, prediction models, data visualization methods, and more using real-world examples.


Upon completion of the training, they will have the following takeaways:

  • Basics of possible execution environments of Python in the context of Machine Learning.
  • Python Libraries for Machine Learning​
  • Data interface and data preparation with Pandas
  • Advanced topics (Exceptions, Modules, Standard Library, Lambda)
  • Introduction to Machine Learning with Python
  • Overview of widely used machine learning libraries Data visualization capabilities

Target group

The course is mainly aimed at:

  • Domain experts
  • Process experts
  • Quality engineers and quality managers
  • Software developer with interest in data engineering and data science
  • Future data analysts
  • Project Manager for AI Use Cases


It is recommended to complete the “Certified Citizen Data Scientist” prior to this training. They should also already have a basic knowledge of programming, i.e. have already learned a programming language and know the basics of running programs such as conditions.


  • 23.-25. October 2023 and20.-22. November 2023
  • You are welcome to join our prebooking list below. (Depending on the possibility, the training will take place as a remote or face-to-face event).
  • Individual coaching of the use cases according to individual agreement


EUR 2.250,00 excl. MwSt.

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