Our objective is to prepare your employees and your company for future challenges.
The economic world is changing rapidly, becoming more and more volatile, unpredictable, and connected. At the same time, the availability of data is increasing rapidly. In this area of tension, new trends such as “agile working methods”, “artificial intelligence”, “big data” and “data science” are coming towards the employees at breathtaking speed. Our core areas of quality management, production management and product development are also affected by these changes.
With common sense, we take a critical look at these trends, analyse the underlying principles (which are often not so new at all) and offer trainings based on them to create a real benefit.
Not only the participants growing in our trainings, also the turnover and profits for the company are increasing – we care about the company and its employees alike.

Our trainings range

The trainings of our academy are characterized by selected content from our core services. Further information can be found under the individual categories:

Our approach

Our trainings are conducted as exciting face-to-face events or as remote trainings via an interactive learning platform. We transfer knowledge in a practice-oriented way by means of real examples and case studies as well as with interactive exercises. Fun must not be neglected!

Our trainers are qualified and certified experts, who have many years of practical and training experience. You will find an overview of our trainers here.

Funding opportunities

Regarding funding opportunities, we would like to refer you to experts in this field. On the websites below you will find information on funding for training and further education. General information on funding (awarding and implementation of funding, financial instruments, target groups, tax incentives, etc.) and links to further sources of information complete the offer of the web pages.
You can find information on grants or funding opportunities for continuing education e.g. in the education support database of the Austrian Chamber of Commerce.


Current trainings and in-depth information on individual topics can be found by clicking on the tiles below. An overview of our entire training range can be found in our training catalogue. For individual inquiries please get in contact with us directly. We will be happy to take our time for you personally!

DI Harald Strommer Managing Director
Quality managmenet
Management system
Production systems
Ing. Gernot Freisinger BSc, MA successfactory Academy
Six Sigma
Data Mining & Machine Learning
CPRE Foundation Level
SAFe 5 Program Consultant

Our current academy trainings range

Remote trainings

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