Systems Engineering and Software Engineering

The development of software-intensive systems is not limited to writing source code. Rather, cooperation between interdisciplinary development teams over the development process and the entire product lifecycle is in the foreground.

We specialize in Requirements Engineering as well as software and system architecture development. Particular focus is placed on the application of concepts from the field of Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE).

Model-based Systems Engineering (MBSE)

The increasing demand of the market leads to ever more complex systems, increasing cost pressures and quality requirements; with shorter development times. This is precisely where Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) can help: an interdisciplinary approach to systems engineering that combines the best practices of traditional systems engineering with visual modeling techniques. For this purpose, modeling languages such as SysML (Systems Modeling Language) will be used.

As absolute specialists in this area, we are happy to support you as part of your development projects. Our approach in model-based systems engineering is based on the method proposed by INCOSE (International Council on Systems Engineering). 

Requirements Engineering

To be successful in a development project, it is first necessary to know what the system requirements are and they must be appropriately documented. Requirements engineering in the development process has the task of identifying, appropriately documenting, verifying and coordinating stakeholder requirements and managing the documented requirements throughout the system lifecycle.

We are happy to support you as part of a development project or also in the facilitation of workshops, for example, to better understand and specify the wishes and needs of the stakeholders. 

Our trainings are based on the CPRE (Certified Professional for Requirements Engineering) certification concept of the IREB (International Requirements Board). It is aimed at people whose tasks include business analysis, requirements engineering or testing and who have a high demand for the quality of their work.

Software Engineering

Are your development processes and methods in software engineering still state-of-the-art? Do you meet your challenges with adequate concepts? Or do you need support in change management? Talk to us, our experts analyze, together with you, your development and advise you in the planning and introduction of current methods in various areas.
In our training courses, you will learn the latest methods in the area of “software engineering” that will help you successfully implement projects from the outset and with the involvement of all stakeholders. 

Smart Grids

The current challenges in the energy system (keyword “smart grid”) require professional approaches for the development of complex system architectures. In particular, the cooperation between experts in the fields of energy, information and communication technology is challenging. As part of our consulting projects and training courses, you will learn how Smart Grid system architectures can be planned, evaluated and implemented in the context of the “Smart Grid Architecture Model” (SGAM) and using the SGAM toolbox.