Quality Management and Improvement Management

As absolute quality management and statistics experts, we solve your quality problems. Together with you, we build sustainable, effective QM systems that meet the requirements of the increasingly complex environment.
We assist in the introduction of established quality management and improvement approaches such as Six Sigma, Continuous Improvement Process (CIP) or EFQM and the introduction of QM methods such as DoE, QFD, FMEA, 8D, or SPC.
A traditional focus of ours is the topic of systematic problem solving. Due to the increasing complexity and flood of data we assist in the successful application of modern methods such as big data analysis or data mining.

Quality Management Systems

Quality management according to EN ISO 9001 defines standard requirements for a quality management system that can be applied to organizations in all sectors. In addition, we offer you our support for the following certifications or accreditations: ISO 14001, ISO 50001, ISO 9100, IATF 16949; ISO 17020, ISO 17025, ISO 17065. As a quality management module responsible for the MBA course “Generic Management” at the University of Leoben and trained auditors, we have the necessary expertise to assist you in the introduction of a lean quality management system. We focus on your mission-critical processes and integrate cutting-edge quality management methods such as 8D, FMEA, SPC or MSA. The process-oriented structure also makes it easy to integrate new standards retrospectively.

Together with our certification partner, we offer practical advanced training for quality officers and quality managers. In four successive competence levels (quality coach, quality representative, TQM manager, external auditor) comprehensive knowledge can be built up in the development of quality capability and in the implementation of quality management systems. With the help of model companies or with the help of their own quality management system, solutions are developed, thus ensuring maximum practicality. As a trainer, experienced certification auditors are used here.


Excellent companies achieve outstanding performance and fulfill all requirements and exceed the expectations of success-critical interest groups and are thus demonstrably better than the competitors. The EFQM model provides a benchmark for all companies seeking excellence.
In Successfactory, Austria’s leading EFQM experts have joined forces to offer services of the highest standard. We accompany you on your way to excellence and find the right balance between specialist and process consulting and support you in learning and growing independently. These coaching projects usually extend over several years, in which EFQM assessments are carried out at regular intervals, improvement projects are defined and accompanied up to success control.
We carry out our EFQM trainings in partnership with the AFQM and are therefore are also qualified to work as assessors for the AFQM. Our trainings are modular, here we work with official EFQM case studies and convey our high EFQM expertise.

Continuous Improvement Process (CIP)

According to this approach, local employees are the success factors of the continuous improvement process, because they know best where the potential for improvement lies. With the help of our CIP Check, we help you select the right CIP approach, mobilize your employees and qualify them for systematic problem solving.Through this common, continuous process enormous savings are usually possible without investment.

In the training as a CIP Moderator, you will learn to lead CIP teams and lead them to success. As a certified CIP coach, you can master essential problem-solving methods (including lean management methods), manage CIP teams and train and manage CIP in the company.

Six Sigma

top-down improvement system regularly identifies the greatest savings potential to be realized by appropriate teams using problem-solving techniques. Rapid, measurable improvement in the form of financial savings is the goal.

The best known approach is Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma. Specially trained persons (so-called “belts”) implement financially measurable improvement projects with the help of problem-solving methods

We do not just help you find the right Six Sigma approach. Through our cooperation with the accredited certification body SystemCert, we also offer you international recognition with our trainings (Six Sigma Yellow Belt, Six Sigma Green Belt, Six Sigma Black Belt and Six Sigma Master Black Belt). Proven financial savings are already guaranteed at the end of the training.

Quality Management Methods

With our Improve-problem solving training you will learn simple problem solving techniques based on practical projects and get familiar with the common problem solving processes like PDCA or 8D. The Improve training can also be tailored to your individual needs. The aim of these trainings is to tackle the problem at its roots and find a sustainable solution. With our improve-problem-solving-training we can guarantee measurable success.

We train all important QM methods like SPC, MSA, FMEA, DoE or QFD. These methods serve to improve the quality of existing processes or to ensure product and process quality from the beginning. In order to be as practical as possible in our trainings, we prefer to train based on company-specific applications. Of course, we also accompany you in the implementation of practical projects and also train problem-solving methods in QM, such as 8D.

Data Mining

Industry 4.0, Internet of Things, and System of Systems are three buzzwords that are currently hotly debated. What these three terms entail is an ever-increasing interconnectedness of system elements and systems and thus also immense amount of generated data. The analysis of these data amounts poses new challenges across all sectors and divisions and requires special statistical methods. Companies which use this existing information can generate competitive advantages and ensure constant growth in the future as well.