SAFe 6.0 – more than an update!

Based on the global uncertainties as pandemic, economy, supply chain issues change in the world has even increased. Supported is that with new technologies like AI moving to our daily business life. Because of these aspect as well as the learning from applying SAFe the framework was evaluated and updated to the version SAFe 6.0.

The new version is about easier integration in the day-to-day work and reaching true business agility. Therefore, six release themes highlight the changes:

  • Strengthen the foundation of Business Agility: a stronger focus on how the entire organization from strategy to product gets more agile.
  • Empowering teams and clarifying roles and responsibilities: collaboration in the organization is success so individuals need to to understand their role to perform in a better way as a whole.
  • Accelerating Value Flow: Efficiency is key – measuring flow on different levels of the organization and improving it needs to be the focus.
  • Enhancing Business Agility with SAFe across the business: a successful agile organisational implementation not just only effects development all other areas like operation, finance, HR need to be aligned in the same way.
  • Building the future with AI, Big Data and Cloud: there is a guidance to adopt new technologies to be successful on the market.
  • Delivering better outcomes with Measure and Grow and OKRs: to improve the organization you need measure the status and the goals in a smart way.

All the SAFe courseware, online learning, and practice resources were accordingly updated and are now also available in different languages. Further information can be found at the Scaled Agile Blog.